Who are we?

Eyecatch-apps is a company that brings functional apps in a cool design with goal to deliver extra value to companies.



Stay 24/24 hour in contact with your customers and increase your sales with an eCommerce-app!

Mobile eCommerce is exploding and now also accessible and payable for smaller and mid-size companies. Don’t miss the boat!

With more than half of retail web traffic that comes from mobile devices, creating M-Commerce app will help you make the most of the mobile revenue opportunity.   eCommerce apps developed by Eyecatch-apps run fast and user-friendly. They are also easy to integrate with your current online store.

e-Commerce APP

e-Commerce APP

Interesting functionality:

  • Push Notifications: By sending push notifications are your customers / fans directly informed of the latest news. 
  • Geo-locations: Give your company locations and the customer can find the nearest location.
  • Music/video playback: Put your business in the spotlight with a corporate video.
  • Search engine: By building in a search engine the customer can search for you different products.
  • News page: The customer remains real-time up-to-date with the latest news and newest products.
  • The date from a database can be loaded directly on the app!
  • Make use of social media (facebook, instagram, etc): Share your business through the app with social media and increase your reach.


If your company has multiple locations, the client can find the nearest location through the app.


Music APP


With a click on the app icon you find all information about the company and you can search for products and buy immediately.

Why an app?

  • You present your product or service attractive, fast and professional on a smartphone or tablet.

  • By showing your products on the app and possibly also sell them through the app, you realise more direct sales.

  • You are accessible 24/7 on mobile.

  • The company website is rarely seen on mobile. With an app, you achieve more visits of your company or brand. One click on an icon of the app and you have direct access to all information.

  • Emails are often overlooked. Push messages stand out and can be opened directly. 

  • An App increases the awareness of your business significantly ; you itself as a company brand. You present yourself as a company brand.

  • By sending push messages you are as company “relevant” and “top of mind” in the eyes of your target audience.

Do you want to grow your company or need to know more about the advantages of an app?