Eyecatch-apps is a company that develops functional apps in a modern design with goal to deliver extra value to companies and governments

Creative – Innovative – Functional


Do you know there is a simple way to increase your sales, reinforce your client base, and give your brand a boost? It’s all possible by building a mobile app for your online store.  Certainly now in CORONA times.

Mobile e-commerce is exploding and now also accessible and payable for smaller and mid-size companies.  With more than half of retail web traffic that comes from mobile devices, creating e-commerce app will help you make the most of the mobile revenue opportunity.   E-commerce apps developed by Eyecatch-apps run fast and are user-friendly.  They can also be integrated with current online stores.

E-commerce is in volle groei! Mis de boot niet.

Thanks to NFC technologie, retailers can greatly increase the interaction and information exchange with their customers. By attaching NFC labels to their articles or shelf, customers can immediately get all the information (text, image, available sizes, URL, etc.) on the app by keeping their smartphone close to the label. Integrated in an e-commerce app one can add these articles in a wishlist and purchases via app or in the shop!


Push Notifications: By sending push notifications, your customers / fans are immediately up to date with the latest news and promotions.
Geo locations: Show your locations on the app and the customer can find the nearest location.
Book reservations: Allow customers to book a reservation / appointment  easy via the app.
News page: The customer stays up to date with the latest news and latest products: real time! The data from the database can be loaded directly on the app. Use social media (facebook, instagram etc): Share your business through the social media  and increase your reach.

E-commerce is in volle groei! Mis de boot niet.

Eyecatch-Apps develops apps with CRM system tailored to your company’s needs!

Through the app you can follow-up REAL-TIME the sales of your company or multiple branches. You can check on the app how much is currently sold in your company or several branches. You can check which items have been sold, which seller has sold what and have an overview of the vouchers on the app. Possible to make a comparison of the results between different months, years ..!

Why an app?

  • You present your product attractive, fast and professional on smartphone or tablet.

  • By selling your products via app, you can realise direct more revenue.

  • A company’s website is barely viewed on mobile. With an app, you realize more often a visite to your company or brand.

  • Emails are often overlooked. Push messages fall up and are opened immediately.

  • An app significantly increases the awareness of your company. You are profiling as a corporate brand.

Do you want to grow as company or know more about the benefits of an app?


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CEO/Developer – Kurt Warson

Developer – Yusef Mo

Developer – Nikolai Tsinigarov